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:bulletblue: You can submit 1 Artwork per month.
:bulletblue: You can suggest 1 Faves per month.
:bulletblue: We accept works only from our members.
:bulletblue: Select the appropriate folder category for your Artwork.
:bulletyellow: Write to us in Group Note if you have any inquiry.
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:bulletgreen: 3D
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:bulletred: Cosplay and Fan Art
:bulletgreen: Craft and Sculpt
:bulletgreen: Digital Painting
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:bulletgreen: Photography
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:bulletred: Sketche and lineart
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:bulletgreen: Written (Stories, Poems, etc)


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Gift: Fanaa by Zolaida

The Art of Zolaida

We come back with a new interview from an amazing artist : Zolaida . Discover her epic world, the magic of her digital drawings and her beautiful characters. The digital artist shows us how to draw emotions with elegance and style, she brings some attention to details, which does not fail to lead to very well made creations.
Don't hesitate to visit her gallery and enter in her own universe.

:bulletyellow: According to you, how do you consider your Art ?

I consider my art the result of my love for creating. I think it's wonderful that I can create something like a painting, and it makes me feel proud. It's like my own little way of leaving an impression on the world! I do my art in my free time, so it's the result of doing something you are willing to give time for.

Mysteries Abound by Zolaida Pursuit by Zolaida Moonchild by Zolaida

:bulletyellow: What are your sources of inspiration?

I get inspired by lots of things! The reason I started drawing was because of a game series called Final Fantasy, especially number XIII. I was hugely impressed by how everything looked and how everything was designed, and I wanted to be able to do that too. So I took up drawing again! Until this day they are still a huge inspiration for me, along with other games like Zelda or the recently released Bravely Default.
Music is also a huge inspiration for me. Somehow I visualize while I hear music, and it greatly boosts the imagination. I listen to soundtracks especially, and I always have something on while I draw.
Other then that I get inspired by other artists too, naturally. Artists like Jason Chan, Bao Pham, Lisa Keene or Phoenix Lu; basically every picture I get attracted too. My folders are bulking out with inspirational art!

Hope Estheim by Zolaida Midna by Zolaida
Ariel - gift for Viccolatte by Zolaida

:bulletyellow:Have you studied art to get there?

I didn't go to art school, nor did I did any online classes. Art is a (huge and out of control haha) hobby of mine, which I did next to college, and now, next to work. Because of the limited time I never took up to study art as well, but I hope I get to read more books soon that can help me. Right now I learn and I also try to learn so much with every picture I make, which makes the process of making a picture much harder and much longer. It's not an ideal process, and therefor my advice is; if you have time to do studies, do them!!

Collab - Guardian of Ancient Secrets by Zolaida Watera by Zolaida Alice Madness Returns - Collab by Zolaida

:bulletyellow: In your gallery, we can find a lot of beautiful girls and
less boys. Why do you paint girls rather than boys ?

Yes, I noticed that too, haha. The answer is simple for me though; for one, I am a girl myself, and it's easy to draw what you can check in the mirror if you don't know anymore. I have more experience in drawing woman, and so most of my ideas involve the character to be female. Another reason is because it's harder for me to think up ideas to draw for men, then for woman. I hope I can change that soon though, and draw some drop-dead gorgeous males too.

Loh by Zolaida Wither by Zolaida Porcelain by Zolaida

:bulletyellow: What is your projects for the future ? Maybe an Artbook or something like that ?

Maybe! I think I have a long way to go before that though. ImagineFX magazine asked me to be in this month's issue in their FXposé section, and that was like a dream come true already. For the rest I want to improve myself a whole lot first, before I am ready to have and act on other dreams.

Voices by Zolaida This Dream by Zolaida If only I knew by Zolaida

:bulletyellow:And my last question : If you would have an advice for every artist who would like to improve their digital paintings, which would you choose?

I could tell you to do studies or whatever, but I'm just going to say: enjoy what you draw. Simple as that. If you enjoy what you are doing, you are more open to learn something, and do your best to make it a creation you're proud of. You have to start somewhere, and why waste your time doing something you don't enjoy doing? You won't be happy that way, and you are less likely to draw and thus improve. So, do your best by having fun!

Summer Haze by Zolaida Caster of Spells by Zolaida
Linkphaer by Zolaida

Thanks to Zolaida for her kindness.
See you soon with our next episode of Art Interview!!
Thank you so much too for reading!

Writer and Interviewer

FAQ: How do we choose our interviewee? A a member, just be active in the group and post your artworks often. ;)

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    • Ayant un peu de temps devant moi, je prends 5 slots de commissions.
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:bulletblack: aazari makes commissions (starting a 160 points)
:bulletblack: LastCloudburst does black and white traditional commission (starting at 320 points)
:bulletblack: Alien-Piglet is doing commissions for digital drawing and painting, also for Photomanipulation/Mixed Media (starting at 400 points)
:bulletblack: suicidollxp has open point commissions (starting at 50 points)
:bulletblack: sowelu92 is opening commissions (starting at 100 points)
[Bullet; Black] sahina-waya has points commissions open for bottle emotes, static emotes, animated emotes, stamps and some pixel

COMMISSIONS 2 - Don't Comment Here:bulletblack: dc1983 does commissions
:bulletblack: koshnika is open for Commissions
:bulletblack: P-cate is making commisions
:bulletblack: GazelleHatsune is open chibi/head shots commissions
:bulletblack: Chibi-chan97 is open for point commisions
:bulletblack: :new: sarahperryman is a professional comic colorist looking for commissions
:bulletblack: :new: beehivestudio takes commissions
:bulletblack: [New] electricpoppers has commissions open
[Bullet; Black] [New] tsart68 has commissions open
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CONTEST and GROUPS - Don't Comment Here :bulletblue: CONTEST and GROUPS :bulletblue:
:bulletblack: kampfly presents two groups : Love-of-Wonderland and 365-Project
:bulletblack: Onyxmaymay presents her group The-LOONatics is for Minnesotans
:bulletblack:  Tabuu is looking for artists and writers to help with his group :
:bulletblack: :new: demonwolfatreiyu would like to show you his/her groups The-Demon-That-Lurks
:bulletblack: :new: DameOdessa would like you take part in her contest , she will also appreciate if you support it
:bulletblack: :

OTHER (Art Trade, Collaboration, etc)

OTHER - Don't comment here:bulletyellow: OTHER (Art Trade, Collaboration, etc) :bulletyellow:
:bulletblack: The-wandering-path is always up for collabs
:bulletblack: piethein21 is okay for any kind of artisan craft
:bulletblack: Ranarh is up for a nice collaboration
:bulletblack: Operation-Reiki makes ad about the upcoming Artbook. Please follow this :
:bulletblack: kampfly loves Art Trades
:bulletblack: Kirara-1994 is up for any collabs , requests and Trades at the moment
:bulletblack:  FeithLAuthor wants to visit her weblog :
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