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October 24, 2011


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Promote your ads!

I invite you to promote your ad here. You make commissions, contest, you are looking for a collaboration? Just leave a comment here.
Updates will take place periodically to inform you of all the news.

So, dear members, Gooooo ! ♥


Commissions [2/5 Slots] : OPENCOMMISSIONS
:bulletblue: • I have a little bit free time, so I'd like to take 5 slots commissions.
    • Ayant un peu de temps devant moi, je prends 5 slots de commissions.
:bulletblue: Choose what you want : 

:bulletblue: Slots 
:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: spadiekitchenqueendone
:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: Lilouttedone

:bulletblack: : en attente/waiting
:bulletorange: : en cours de réalisation/in progress
:bulletgreen: : fini/done
[Bullet; Yellow] : payé/paid
[Bullet; Blue] Payment  
• Only on Paypal :
[Bullet; Blue]  Fidelity Card

[Bullet; Blue] New Kiriban : 50 000 PV
The winner will have a sketch of what he/she wants. Have Fun \o/
COMMISSIONS - Don't comment here:bulletgreen: COMMISSION :bulletgreen:
:points: POINTS COMMISSIONS: :points:
:bulletred: Digital:
:bulletblack: aazari makes commissions (starting a 160 points)
:bulletblack: LastCloudburst does black and white traditional commission (starting at 320 points)
:bulletblack: Alien-Piglet is doing commissions for digital drawing and painting, also for Photomanipulation/Mixed Media (starting at 400 points)
:bulletblack: suicidollxp has open point commissions (starting at 50 points)
:bulletblack: sowelu92 is opening commissions (starting at 100 points)
[Bullet; Black] sahina-waya has points commissions open for bottle emotes, static emotes, animated emotes, stamps and some pixel

COMMISSIONS 2 - Don't Comment Here:bulletblack: dc1983 does commissions
:bulletblack: koshnika is open for Commissions
:bulletblack: P-cate is making commisions
:bulletblack: GazelleHatsune is open chibi/head shots commissions
:bulletblack: Chibi-chan97 is open for point commisions
:bulletblack: :new: sarahperryman is a professional comic colorist looking for commissions
:bulletblack: :new: beehivestudio takes commissions
:bulletblack: [New] electricpoppers has commissions open
[Bullet; Black] [New] tsart68 has commissions open
[Bullet; Black] [New] v


CONTEST and GROUPS - Don't Comment Here :bulletblue: CONTEST and GROUPS :bulletblue:
:bulletblack: kampfly presents two groups : Love-of-Wonderland and 365-Project
:bulletblack: Onyxmaymay presents her group The-LOONatics is for Minnesotans
:bulletblack:  Tabuu is looking for artists and writers to help with his group :
:bulletblack: :new: demonwolfatreiyu would like to show you his/her groups The-Demon-That-Lurks
:bulletblack: :new: DameOdessa would like you take part in her contest , she will also appreciate if you support it
:bulletblack: :

OTHER (Art Trade, Collaboration, etc)

OTHER - Don't comment here:bulletyellow: OTHER (Art Trade, Collaboration, etc) :bulletyellow:
:bulletblack: The-wandering-path is always up for collabs
:bulletblack: piethein21 is okay for any kind of artisan craft
:bulletblack: Ranarh is up for a nice collaboration
:bulletblack: Operation-Reiki makes ad about the upcoming Artbook. Please follow this :
:bulletblack: kampfly loves Art Trades
:bulletblack: Kirara-1994 is up for any collabs , requests and Trades at the moment
:bulletblack:  FeithLAuthor wants to visit her weblog :
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Elleyferranis Feb 12, 2014   Artisan Crafter
I have a commission here:

and a contest with a friend here:
EmalieTison Jan 27, 2014  Student General Artist
Currently open for inexpensive and creative commissions!(details in description)  -…
AKira1189 Jan 26, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hei I'm open for commissions-…
I made a Kickstarter project where I'll draw the dreams of my backers!…
BeehiveStudio Jan 9, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I wonder if you still promote commissions, anyway I will leave mine here... I take commissions ;p

ELECTRICPOPPERS Dec 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I have commissions open [link]
Tsart68 Dec 9, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
i open commission too [link]
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